The Cards You're Dealt

Everyday life deals us different blows that we have no control over. Here is an instance; you wake up hoping for a bright and sunny day but what you get are wet roads and dark clouds.

You can't change the cards you're dealt in this scenario, so you have to change how you play your hand. You have to understand that you won't always have what you want.

However, you can make the most with what you have. For example, parents, siblings, complexion, and height are typical factors you will never have deciding power over. You may choose to learn how to live with absolute love for these factors that contribute to your character or not. 

Listen, we've all had times when we'd looked at our lives with so much disgust, pain and anguish. We start a new project, it falls flat on its face, the business strategies never pan out right, we keep dating the wrong set of people, and ultimately, we relapse to zero. No motivation, no drive, no gusto, zero visions and no dream; at these moments, it's like we are dying slowly. 

Remember, no successfully established person didn't toil on the road to success. There's an old saying, "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade". How then do you create your lemonade from the pile of lemons the universe has thrown your way? Men like Warren Buffet are great examples of making lemonade and becoming global powerhouses. That's the same energy you should have in 2022; flip the coin over, you have every right too anyway.

  1. Heal: There are five stages of grief sometimes; changing the course of your life can feel like recovering from despondency. You might feel unmotivated and unwilling to do anything about your current challenges, however, you should remember that no one will change the hand you play on your behalf, that decision is solely up to you. So take all the time you need to heal from that setback but don't sulk for too long; that's one-way depression sets in, and we don't want that. Tell yourself that while you cannot change the cards you are dealt, you can play them on your terms.
  1. Plan: Great job! You have decided to take your life into your own hands but you can't do this without a plan. The circumstances were indeed beyond your control but ask yourself - "How do I use this update to my advantage?" or "How do I intend to come out of this maze?". Strategising solutions becomes more beautiful when we believe a solution is lurking around the corner. Card games are won based on luck, skill and opportunity but also, there's a winning mindset that accompanies the win; that's the real joker. Always aim to win.

  1. Execute: The duck has to be the most fascinating of birds. She glides so gracefully on the surface but paddles vigorously underneath. Everyone will admire her elegance on the outside but she knows the work she's putting in. You should be like a duck, elegant on the outside but tenacious and strong always. And when the time is right, we would know of you and we know it will inspire us as all. But for now, go for the jugular; work all your plans. Be innovative and receptive to change. Ask questions where you feel stuck and take off your cape on the days you feel less motivated; Superman is just Clarke Kent sometimes too. Most importantly, make use of everything that you thought would break you.
  1. Celebrate: We are certain that after you complete the first three steps, you will experience tremendous change. Don't be disappointed if properly curated plans don't work as well. The success mindset is to choose to celebrate on the days' plans work and on the days they don't. Thomas Edison created electricity on the 1000th try. An unhappy man will never keep trying but a successful man will always see better ways of doing things. Celebrate your wins, all the time, no matter how little.

Even a failure is a win to a successful person and we know you are one. You are really special and you should recognise that every day. See these setbacks as stepping stones for success. We are rooting for you.

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